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ENGLISH – Discussion leader

What do you think will happen to the family during the vacation. Do you think they will get assulted by the townfolks?


He was first depicted as a kind and caring brother that would do anything for his younger brother. He even had a day job and played bowling in his spare time. How did this change your perception of him?


Dale have been wondering if hes got those same feelings an thoughts as Gav that will drive him to do the same things, do you think he will and end up like his brother?  


Was it actually gav who commited these crimes? We know hes been sentenced for his crimes but could it be that he was not the murderer to begin with? If that is the case do you so far have any guesses on who it could be?


How do you think the storry will unfold? Do you think Dale will turn in to a rapist/murderer like his brother? He may actually snap somewhere in the book and go batshit insane! What do you think?


I personllay think the storry so far have benn  quite interesting but i dont know if im looking forward to the events of the next chapter too much.



I stycket vi lästen fans inte särkilt mycket jag kunde relatera till. Det var mycket som hände som var hyfsat onaturligt och det var saker som inte händer särskilt alldagligen. Den enda jag faktiskt kände igen mig i var feber drömmar.

Jag brukade få dem när jag var yngre och har de knappt längre vilekt är skönt. Jag kan säga att de kanske inte är det bästa tt känna igen mig i men det är nog det enda.